Garage door maintenance on the Gold Coast

Tools Use to Repair Garage Door Chain — Garage Door Maintenance in Gold Coast

Garage Door Servicing

Nigel Fleming Garage Door Repairs offers routine maintenance visits to residents on the Gold Coast, which helps keep garage doors in excellent condition long-term and prevent issues that require expensive and time-consuming repairs.

About Our Maintenance

We recommend residents have their garage door routinely inspected and serviced every two years and once within the first year after purchase. Our maintenance visits are affordable, and the average visit takes approximately 30 minutes.

Nigel Fleming Garage Door Maintenance Services


Brown Two Car Garage Door — Garage Door Maintenance in Gold Coast

Detailed Assessment

Our maintenance process starts with an assessment of all of the components related to the garage door and automation system. We check automatic lock, door alignment and more.
Contractor Repairing Tension Lifts — Garage Door Maintenance in Gold Coast

Parts Adjustment

Our team can adjust components that affect spring tension, opener travel limits and more to prevent damage to the door opener. We will check all additional components as well to see if they need maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions



How often do garage doors need maintenance?

Garage doors generally require maintenance once every two years, although older garage doors may require more frequent maintenance. It is also encouraged to have your garage door serviced within the first year of a new installation.

Is a garage door tune-up worth it?

A garage door tune-up or maintenance visit can reduce the risk of faulty components leading to severe issues with your garage door’s ability to function. Long-term, it is often more financially rewarding to schedule routine maintenance.

Should you lubricate garage door rollers?

Yes. Lubrication of garage door rollers keeps the garage doors quiet while opening and closing and can reduce the risk of becoming faulty.