Automated sliding gate repairs on the Gold Coast

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Automatic sliding gate Repairs

Nigel Fleming Garage Door Repairs assists residential clients on the Gold Coast with automated gate repairs. Automated gates are important for home safety, and one that works well and is up to date can enhance the value of your home.

Our Automated sliding Gate Repairs

If you have an automation system with your home gate, then we can help you keep it working the way it should through repairs and routine maintenance. Please note, we can only repair sliding gates. We cannot repair swing gates

Nigel Fleming Automatic Garage Door Services


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Routine Maintenance

The best way to deal with issues related to automated gates is to prevent them from happening in the first place through regular maintenance. Our team can inspect your gate system and check ... Read more
Garage Door Opener Motor Gear Repairing — Garage Door Maintenance in Gold Coast

Motor Replacement

We can replace your automated gate motor if necessary, to ensure your home is always protected and your home does not go without a reliable gate for longer than necessary.
Repairing Lifting Gates Of The Garage — Garage Door Maintenance in Gold Coast

Additional Repairs

Whatever the issue might be with your automated gate, our professional team at Nigel Fleming Garage Door Repairs can help. We can inspect and find the cause for the concern and have the ... Read more

Frequently Asked Questions



How do automated gate openers work?

Automated gate openers open and close after receiving a signal from the remote control. A failure to properly open or close indicates an issue with the components.

How do you repair an automatic gate?

Automatic gates are most often difficult to repair and require the assistance of a professional. Homeowners can reduce the risk of needing a repair through routine maintenance and checking for signs of issues regularly.

How long do automated gates last?

Automated gates can last well over a decade with proper care and regular repairs and maintenance.